The Religion of Palmyra


The worship and culture of Palmyra have long been acknowledged as being indisputably indigenous, unique, and influenced by a variety of Parthian, Babylonian, Persian, Greek, and Arabian traditions. Additionally, the Palmyrenes predominantly used Palmyrenean or, to a lesser extent, Greek to communicate their religious beliefs. Due to the incredible variety of gods and their mythology that served as the foundation for Palmyrene religious life, as well as the magnificent temples that were constructed in the cities of Tadmor and other parts of the kingdom of Palmyra, the pantheon of Palmyra is one of the most fascinating areas of study when it comes to religions in the Arabian Peninsula. Because of this, I had intended to write about this fascinating topic, to first discuss and explain the Palmyrene gods and goddesses, along with the most important Temples and the religious practices that were conducted inside and outside the temples, and lastly is the influence from the neighboring kingdoms, and the common gods and religious practices between Palmyra and the surrounding kingdoms in the Hellenistic-Roman era.

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