Change-Fever - first month after prison release - board game


What kind of challenges one has to face in the first month of reentry after their release from the completely closed facility of a prison? You can gain first-hand experience at Researchers' Night by participating in this special mixture of a classical board game and role-playing games initially developed for incarcerated people.

Váltó-sáv Foundation - the creator of the “Change-Fever - preparation for prison release” board game - is a community partner of the Corvinus Science Shop.

Currently approximately 18 thousand people are incarcerated in Hungary. What will happen to them on the other side of the gate? Will they be able to integrate? Does this solely depend on them? Will they earn a living and resolve the challenges that lie ahead?

The board game together with the debriefing discussion on the reintegration of released people gives an opportunity to put yourself in their shoes.

This is a 2-hour-long programme with a minimum of 6 players. Kindly contact the organizers at [email protected] in case you have difficulties with registering via the link below.

17:20 - 19:20

Also for foreigners

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