Geopolitics, Geography, and International Politics


Everyone speaks about “geopolitics” in the news and daily conversations. However, what exactly is geopolitics? Even in Academia persists a struggle in the attempt to understand this complex field of knowledge, which is Geopolitics, a fundamental tool to understand international problems.

Why did Russia invade Ukraine? Why is Brazil more committed to South American integration than a sovereign power projection? Why hasn’t Germany reduced its energy dependence from Russia before 2022? What is the real interest of China in Taiwan?
These are several questions that Geopolitics is more than able to answer, crossing geopolitical factors with the international system and political psychology.
In this talk, we will go through the theoretical fundaments of Neoclassical Geopolitics: its main concepts, variables, and model.

About the organizer:

Dr. Nuno Morgado, assistant professor at Corvinus, is an expert in geopolitics and foreign policy. In 2021, he edited Geopolitics in the Twenty-First Century: Territories, Identities, and Foreign Policies (Nova Science Publishers, New York) which has been praised by the Academia, including major names in the field of Geopolitics, such as Prof. Geoffrey Sloan, Prof. Francis Sempa, and Prof. Bert Chapman. He was a Fellow in various universities, such as Vienna, Prague, MGIMO, Bratislava, and São Paulo. Currently, he is an Assistant Professor at Corvinus University of Budapest. Before enrolling in doctoral studies, he was an aide to a Portuguese Artillery Colonel and served at the Portuguese Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

17:00 - 17:45

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