My First Quechua Lesson - A Practical Introduction to Living Bolivian Quechua 1


This lesson is designed to introduce anyone interested into the culturally most important, living South-American aboriginal language, Quechua, which is apparently also the aboriginal language with the largest number of native speakers (around 1,5-2 million people). Quechua is an agglutinating language with printed texts going back to the late XVIth century. Quechua manuscripts from the late XVIth-early XVIIth century reveal historically all-important information about the aboriginal culture of the Altiplano Peruano. Those interested will be introduced, in a first approach, into the historical and cultural realities of Altiplano culture, then into the sound system, to go on, finally, to read and understand the first lesson of a Quechua course book in preparation, leaving the class with the potential to carry out a simple opening conversation in this language. The lesson has a follow-up, titled "My Second Quechua Lesson", immediately after, where we hope to meet, via Zoom, a native speaker of Bolivian Quechua.

18:00 - 19:00

Also for foreigners

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